June 13, 2016

The City has successfully sold five vehicles/equipment via GovDeals.com with total sales of $11,830.75 (gross). 
    Police Department - 1 vehicle = $1,387.50 (net) 
    Parks & Recreation - 2 vehicles = $1,184.70 (net) 
    Electric Division - 1 vehicle, 1 piece of equipment = $9,758.75 (net) 
    Streets and Solid Waste Division is gathering equipment to sell next.

    Park staff replaced 16 rotten whiskey barrel planters in the downtown area with new, longer lasting plastic planters. 
    Flowers were removed from all hanging baskets and flower beds in preparation for spring plantings. 
    Park staff assisted DMI design committee with planting in hanging baskets in the downtown area on Sunday May 15. This included distributing plants to different locations and hanging basket preparation (soil and fertilizer). 
    An additional 400 plants were planted by staff in various flower beds, cemeteries, parks and facilities, including 15 more rosebushes in the downtown. 
    Work has begun on renovating some of the flower beds, including removing rotten timbers and addition of some river stone at key locations. 
    P&R accepted a check for a $1,000 from Rotary to be used for the purchase of two additional youth basketball hoops. 
    The bids for the Goat Island Improvements were opened and were under budget. Council will need to officially award contract on June 13. 
    The youth soccer schedule was extended due to a number of rain outs. 
    Park staff removed and replaced some broken equipment at the Can-Do playground.

Enforcement & Inspections Division 
     Code Enforcement Case Activity 
         New Cases: 46 
         Closed Cases: 0 
         Open at Start of Month: 210 
         Open at End of Month: 256 
     Code Enforcement Violation Activity 
         Property Maintenance: 2 
         Weeds & Grass: 44 
         Total: 46 
     Rental Inspections Performed: 0 
     Rental Licenses Issued: 6 
     Vendor Licenses Issued: 0 
     Contractors Licenses Issued: 26

Building Permits and Inspections Division
     Permits Issued 
         Commercial Foundation: 1 
         Commercial Building Permit: 6 
         Demolition: 2 
         Residential New Construction: 3 
         Residential Renovation/Accessory Structure: 12 
         Roof/Siding: 6 
         Solar Panels: 8 
         Utility (Electric/Water): 1 
         Total: 39

Planning & Economic Activities Division 
     Met with the State of Delaware for Pre-PLUS review of the Comprehensive Plan Update. 
     Submitted Downtown Development District Application to the State of Delaware for processing and review. 
     Community Affairs Committee met to discuss the creation of new zoning categories for downtown mixed use and highway commercial to allow for greater height and/or density. Draft zoning ordinances will be prepared based on committee input for review and recommendation by the Planning Commission, before returning to City Council for a final vote. 
     City Council approved Ordinance 2016-03 related to the PUD definition in Chapter 230-Zoning. The amendment provided clarification that neighborhood commercial is not a requirement but is allowed up to a certain percentage. 
     Planning Commission reviewed and recommended approval of a Conditional Use amendment and Preliminary Major Subdivision for the Brookstone Trace Planned Unit Development. Applications will be heard by City Council in June. 
     Consultants continued work on conceptual plan for Mispillion River Water Quality Improvement Project. 
     Staff continued to update GIS database related to utilities as part of the Asset Management Incentive Grant Program from the State of Delaware. 
     Hardware for GIS project has been delivered and prepared for upcoming installation of GIS server software. 
     Created and updated planning related GIS files for analysis in comprehensive plan update and day-to-day operations.

Electric Division 
     Closed Work Orders/Trouble Service Calls: 42 
     Open Work Orders at End of Month: 17 
     New Electric Services Installed: 5 
     Preventative Maintenance: 0 
     Miss Utility Locates: 213 
     Majority of the month was used to pull electric to the new water tower, including cutting trees, setting transformers and clipping in electric. 
     Elks Lodge Road Substation control cabinets replaced. 
     Route 1 Substation hotspots repaired as identified during annual infrared scanning. 
     Began new entrance work at Public Works Facility. 
     Replaced pole between Travelers Inn and Milford Diner due to rot which caused lines to sag and cross resulting in outage. 
     Transformers checked at North Shores; trees trimmed and main fuse at Williamsville Road and N Shore Drive intersection changed due to recent outages. 
     Assisted Streets Division with Truitt Avenue project by removing two trees.

Streets & Solid Waste Division 
     Bulk Pick Up: 21 
     New Container Delivery: 16 
     Additional Container-Trash: 4 
     Additional Container-Recycle: 0 
     Additional Container-Yard Waste: 0 
     Damaged/Replaced Container Replacement: 5 
     After Hours Calls: 0 
     Truitt Avenue/Cemetery Expansion Project Update: 
         05/09/16 – Finished moving hydrant #1, began moving hydrant #2. 
         05/10/16 – Finished moving hydrant #2, pressure tested both hydrants; both tested ok. Restoration around hydrants completed. Began saw cutting along NW Front Street to NW Second Street. Began curb removal. 
         05/11/16 – Forms were installed from NW Front Street to NW Second Street. 
         05/12/16 – Finished forming up, poured 181’ of curb. 
         05/13/16 – Stripped forms, formed up remainder of curb from NW Front Street to NW Second Street. 
     Several pot holes repaired at Seabury Avenue & Pine Street intersection. 
     City Hall parking lot “Employee Parking Only” signs have been moved, double arrow sign added. 
     Replaced six faded stop signs in Orchard Hill. 
     Driveway was repaired at 17 W Thrush Drive due to leaking joint needing to be repaired underground. Curbing to be installed. 
     Mowing of fields, ditches and storm water ponds throughout the city. 
     Storm drain cleaned out behind Second Street Players. 
     Spring clean-up week: 74.32 tons (56.20 tons in 2015). 
     Due to Memorial Day, trash pick-up is altered and the Street Division is assisting in yard waste removal. 
Water & Wastewater Division 
     Helped contractor with fire hydrant on Truitt Avenue. 
     Fixed water leak and replaced water meter pit at Bowling Lanes. 
     Fixed water leak on 113 South on north bound lanes. 
     Working on meter pit at Dentsply Caulk at Masten Circle. 
     Replaced water valves at SE Second Street and S Washington Street intersection. 
     Mowing grass at water and wastewater facilities. 
     Lowered a couple water meter pits on Truitt Avenue for contractor.
Solid Waste Diversion Chart