September 12, 2016

-Trimmed trees and shrubs on Goat Island in preparation of the second “Running of the Goat 5k”. Assisted event coordinators with course preparation and logistics for event.
-Contracted with an Arborist to have selective pruning performed on trees in the downtown on Walnut Street. Trees in Bicentennial Park received an application of fertilizer for their health.
-The “Challenger Soccer Camp” concluded and was successful with 36, 5-14 year olds participating.
-The summer condition program wrapped up at the end of August. This was for boys and girls in 6th-8th grades who were interested in staying physically active over the summer so they will be ready for fall sports.
-The NFL “Punt, Pass and Kick” event was held Saturday August 20th, at Marvel Square. This was a free event, unfortunately numbers were down this year due to the heat.
-Fall registration was held on Saturday, August 13 from 10am to 12pm (P&R office) and continues until programs are full or begin. Fall activities include soccer, field hockey, tennis, kids Halloween Party and wrestling.
-Fall soccer “Skills in Drills” started the last week in August, with over 200, 5-13 year olds registered.
-The dog park was closed for a couple of weeks in July while some maintenance was performed. Since the installation of a new irrigation system we have seen the grass really respond, especially with the recent addition of fertilizer. The park will be both aerated and seeded in the fall.
-Brick pavers were removed and replaced on a section of N Walnut Street outside the antique store in response to a complaint by business owners of a tripping hazard (see photo).
-Assisted with the community block party and back to school events which were held Saturday 8/27/16.
-Began preparations for the Riverwalk Freedom festival to be held 9/9-9/10.

Enforcement & Inspections Division
Code Enforcement Case Activity
New Cases: 18
Closed Cases: 84
Open at Start of Month: 271
Open at End of Month : 205

Code Enforcement Violation Activity
Abandoned Vehicle: 1
Dangerous Tree: 1
Furniture: 1
Generic: 0
Property Maintenance: 0
Rubbish & Garbage: 3
Weeds & Grass: 12
Zoning Use: 0
Total: 18

Rental Inspections Performed: 0
Rental Licenses Issued: 3
Vendor Licenses Issued: 0
Contractors Licenses Issued: 16

Building Permits Issued
Commercial Foundation: 0
Commercial Building Permit: 6
Demolition: 1
Residential New Construction: 6
Residential Renovation/Accessory Structure: 7
Roof/Siding: 2
Solar Panels: 5
Utility (Electric/Water): 10
Total: 37

-Katrina White, formerly the Office Assistant located upstairs, has been promoted to the Administrative Assistant/Permit Technician for the Enforcement and Inspections office and Planning and Zoning office. She is now located downstairs with those divisions.
-Miscellaneous repairs, painting and maintenance work on City Hall building was performed.

Planning & Zoning Division
-Planning Commission adopted official rules and procedures at the August meeting. In addition, the Planning Commission recommended approval of a proposed daycare on SW Front Street. This application will be heard by City Council at the end of September.
-Planning Commission discussed proposed amendments to Chapter 230 related to height and density within commercial zoning categories. Staff will draft ordinances for review and recommendation at the September and October meetings.
-The Board of Adjustment met in August and reviewed four variance applications.
-Comprehensive Plan Questionnaire was posted online on August 1. To date there are 285 responses. Results will be used in the public participation portion of the Comprehensive Plan Update. Paper copies in English, Spanish and Creole are available at City Hall and the Customer Service building. Questionnaire will be available until the end of September.
-Staff presented the Downtown Development District application to the Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues in early August. On August 10 the Governor announced the expansion of the program which included the City of Milford along with four other towns.
-Met as part of a working group revising/updating the Dover/Kent MPO Regional Bicycle Plan. The working group will continue to meet monthly over the next year to review the existing plan and set new goals and objectives.
-Attended the Chamber of Commerce Board meeting to discuss the potential addition of business licensing and amendments to the sign code.

Electric Division
-Crews replaced eight poles due to either age, rot or damage due to an accident.
-Preventative tree maintenance performed in the following areas: SE Second St, Hall Pl, Elm St, SE Third St, Cedar Beach Rd, Woodland Dr.
-Nuisance vines were pulled off various poles: S Walnut St, Route 1 near Tub Mill Pond.
-Rick Carmean participated in a conference call with George from AMP in regards to smart metering. They will be in, tentatively, 9/7-9/8 to start site assessments for the collectors. At this time a goal date of March 2017 is planned for the rollout.
-Christmas lighting inventory complete.
-Crews prepared for the possibility of severe weather from Hurricane Hermine. Trucks were stocked, chainsaws sharpened and fueled up.
-Temporary metering set up for the new hospital site.

Closed Work Orders: 16
Trouble Service Calls: 35
New Electric Services Installed: 16
Preventative Maintenance/Trees Trimmed: 15
Miss Utility Locates: 67

Streets & Solid Waste Division
-Due to possible Hurricane Hermine, catch basins were cleaned and sandbags delivered to the Growmark location downtown; the Police Department oversaw their distribution to those who needed them.
-Weed spraying has been completed for the season.
-Cold patch repairs were made as needed in Ward 2.
-13 tons of grass clippings were cleaned up and hauled away that surrounded the Independence Commons retention pond.
-Storm drain pipe in the Greater Milford Business Park repaired.
-Stop sign located on electric pole at SE Second St and S Washington St intersection was moved to a post in order to comply with MUTCD standards.
-Fall clean-up week has been scheduled for 10/10-10/14. Public notification will be going out in customer bills the first week in September, advertising in local papers, website and social media mid-end of September.
-Christie Murphy and Mark Whitfield attended a Waste Transporters Meeting at DNREC which discussed concerns of recycling contamination at the DSWA locations. DNREC is taking measures to crack down on waste haulers and implementing fines.
- Hearthstone trash/recycling container “scaling back “project begun. All 13 corrals now have brand new containers, the new style/color containers. A total of 134- 95 gallon containers were put out for use by the condo units which consists of 94 trash and 40 recycling.

Pick Ups and Deliveries
Bulk Pick Up: 33 ($1600 in charges billed)
New Container Delivery: 26
Additional Container-Trash: 3
Additional Container-Recycle: 1
Additional Container-Yard Waste: 1
Change Container Size:
Damaged/Replaced Container Replacement: 17
After Hours Calls: 0

Water & Wastewater Division
-One new water service installed.
-Eugene Helmick met with Bill Milliken from office of Drinking Water to do a sanitary survey at the SE Water Plant. Also, met with Terry Webb at Seabury Water Plant to check and talk about variable frequency drives on the well pumps.
-The southeast wells, pumps and water tank are up and running. This will allow for Well #2 at Washington St to be refurbished.
-Charlie Nordberd and Vince Waydels went to the Town of Greenwood with our sewer jet/vac truck to help with a sewer problem. This is part of Milford’s mutual aid service to surrounding municipalities. Thank you Charlie, Vince and Eugene Helmick for going above-and-beyond!
Diversion Chart
  Solid Waste
Drop Off
Yard Waste Total Diversion
2013 3903.34 617.90 213.77 473.85 5208.86 25.1%
2014 3206.04 645.88 243.90 472.08 4567.90 29.8%
2015 3077.95 642.20 407.07 304.55 4431.77 30.5%
2016 (YTD) 1752.68 371.72 222.05 243.82 2590.27 32.3%
  Solid Waste
Drop Off
Yard Waste Total Diversion
May 263.14 51.01 34.19 45.61 393.95 33.2%
June 271.64 59.25 30.14 59.10 420.13 35.3%
July 257.73 61.46 36.54 36.56 392.29 34.3%