November 14, 2016

-City Hall locks have been changed and new keys issued to appropriate staff.
-The City-wide Halloween costume and decoration contest was a hit.  Our celebrity judge was DMI’s Steve Twilley who determined the top prize for individual costume went to witch Vicki Knorr at MPD and the top prize for decorations went to Parks & Recreation for their interior and exterior decorations.  In all, four locations participated in decorating and employees from six work units dressed in costume for the occasion.

Parks & Recreation 
-Park staff planted over 300 pansies and 300 tulips in City maintained flower beds at various locations around town.
-The flower bed located by the boat ramp had new plants installed, landscape timbers were pressure washed and an old boat which had previously been used for decoration was removed to clean up the area.
-Shrubbery at the new City parking lot behind the old M&T bank was trimmed, vines were cut back, and trees were removed. Existing large trees will be topped in the near future.
-Trees were trimmed by park staff at the old cemetery on Walnut Street, and staff oversaw the removal of three large trees, stump grinding and some additional trimming of a large tree by a contractor.
-12 yards of mulch was installed by crews at the park downtown in preparation for the holiday stroll in early December.
-Maintenance of the Tony Silicato Memorial Park continues with cutting of the grass and another treatment of fertilizer.
-All of the flowers in the hanging baskets and on the bridges were removed by park staff in preparation for holiday decorations.
-The storm water pond behind the Parks and Rec building was cut back for the winter.
-Discussions began with Milford Little League to formalize a lease/maintenance agreement between the City and Little League.
-Park staff assisted with cleaning up the parade route for the Community Parade and with lending of equipment and some logistics. Staff also completed a trash run the following day after the parade.
-Instructional Tennis program was completed October 12 as was Youth Hockey Instructional program.
-Registration for winter programs began on October 15 to include youth basketball, indoor soccer, youth wrestling and gymnastics and tumbling.
-Youth soccer continues and has suffered from three weekends of cancellations due to the weather. Make up games will continue into November. Parks & Rec has contracted with Fifer Orchards to provide free donuts and cider for all the soccer kids on the last weekend of games.
-Began survey layout on Goat Island in preparation for the building of the overlooks and pavilion which is due to begin construction in early November.
-Held a pre-bid meeting and a bid opening for the construction of our kayak dock, however no bids were received. We are in the process of talking to potential contractors to find the reason why no bids were received.
-Parks & Rec held their annual Halloween party on October 25 for area kids, where they played games, participated in a costume contest and received goody bags. Parks & Rec also decorated the office building for -Halloween and took home the prize for first place, for best decorated department.
-Park & Rec also received a $3500 donation from the Milford Chamber of Commerce for assisting with the Riverwalk Freedom festival. 


Enforcement & Inspections Division

Code Enforcement Case Activity       
New Cases: 19
Closed Cases: 66
Open at Start of Month: 224
Open at End of Month: 177*
            *132 cases are Weed/Grass violations which stay open until the end of the growing season.

Code Enforcement Violation Activity           
Abandoned Vehicle: 2
Dangerous Tree: 5
Furniture: 0
Generic: 0
Property Maintenance: 3
Rubbish & Garbage: 1
Weeds & Grass: 8
Zoning Use: 0
Total: 19

Rental Inspections Performed: 5
Rental Licenses Issued: 14
Vendor Licenses Issued: 1
Contractors Licenses Issued: 15

Building Permits Issued
Commercial Foundation: 0
Commercial Building Permit: 8
Demolition: 6
Residential New Construction: 16
Residential Renovation/Accessory Structure: 12
Roof/Siding: 6
Solar Panels: 2
Utility (Electric/Water): 1
Total: 51

Planning & Zoning Division
-Advertised for the new Code Official position.  Interviews will be conducted in early November.
-Planning Commission held a Comprehensive Plan workshop to review the current comprehensive plan’s visions, goals and objectives.  Results from the community questionnaire were presented to the Commission.  -Key stakeholders including the MPD, Milford School District, Downtown Milford Inc and several large employers were in attendance.  Workshops will be held prior to each Planning Commission meeting for the next several months.  In November, December and January, the Commission will review each chapter of the plan and make modifications as needed.
-Planning Commission approved the Preliminary Site Plan for Gator and Associates, Inc. to redevelop an existing commercial building on Route 14 to include a Brew Pub, Fitness Center and Warehouse space.
-Planning Commission continued discussions on a new Riverfront Development zoning category to promote mixed use development in the Downtown area.
-The Board of Adjustment did not meet during the month of October.
-Staff met with the Cabinet Committee for State Planning Issues to confirm conditions of Downtown Development District designation have been met.
-Staff met as part of a working group revising/updating the Dover/Kent MPO Regional Bicycle Plan.  The working group will continue to meet monthly over the next year to review the existing plan and set new goals and objectives.


-Bill Foxwell setup road closure barricades for the International Food Festival downtown.  The street sweeper cleaned the parade routes prior to events.  Crews setup barricades and stage for the Community Parade. Chris Hitchens turned on all of the street lights along the parade routes repairing any that were malfunctioning.
-Numerous people within the Department worked on ordering light replacements, banners, wreaths and window candles for Christmas decorations downtown. The new LED bulb replacements will be completed by the Electric division.

Electric Division
-Rob Palladino had one of our bucket trucks at the Touch-A-Truck event that was held at Chik-Fil-A on Saturday, October 8, 2016 from 9:30 a.m.-12:00.  Rob handed out Electric Safety Activity Books to the kids and Electric Efficiency Tips packets available for the adults.
-The electric crew energized the temporary service to the new Bayhealth campus.

Power Outages:  10/16-SE area; blade failure.
Closed Work Orders: 14
Trouble Service Calls: 33
New Electric Services Installed: 10
Preventative Maintenance/Trees Trimmed: 30
Miss Utility Locates: 88

Water & Wastewater Division

-Charlie Nordberg and Vince Waydelis completed locates for various projects, did a hydrant flow test at Hearthstone and Wilkins Road, checked various sewers, cleaned the sewer line at 210 NE Fourth Street, replaced five sanitary sewer manhole frames and covers at Parson Thorne Apartments, completed a water head count for aerator at the Seabury WTP, assisted the boring company on Milford-Harrington Hwy for a water leak and cut grass at well sites and pump stations.
-On Friday October 7, Steve Ellingsworth, Charlie Nordberg, Vince Waydelis, Shawn O’Neil, Ben Benson and Billy Ratlieff attended am Expo hosted by DRWA.  They attended several classes on cyber control for computers, and confine spaces. Afterwards there were several competitions for towns where Charlie placed 2nd and Billy finished 3rd in excavator ball retrieve. Vince and Ben won the horse shoe competition; Steve and Shawn tried the corn hole game but failed. It was a great time to meet and greet vendors and employees from different towns.

Streets & Solid Waste Division
Bulk Pick Ups: 13 ($300 in charges billed)
Additional Containers: Trash-0; Recycle-2; Yard Waste-0
Service Terminated: 0
Change Container Size: 6
Damaged/Replaced Container: 41
After Hours Calls: 0

-The Street Division over saw the contract line painting on Airport Road, then followed up with painting arrows and stop blocks.
-Street Division brush hogged the fields at Boys & Girls Club and the Solar Field for the final mowing of the season.
-Crews over seeded the Milford Community Cemetery. 
-Brian Jackson and Timmy Webb attended a Winter Maintenance, Snow & Ice Control course at the Pardee Center in Dover.
-Crews eradicated the yellow centerline on Marshall Street and installed two “No Parking” signs on the west side of the 100 block of Marshall Street. Parking is permitted now on the east side only. Due to the width of the street, parking could only be accommodated on one side of the street.  Signs have since been stolen and not put back up yet. A second set of signs were installed on October 28 but were taken overnight, posts and all. Milford PD is investigating. Letters have gone out to all property owners and tenants in the 100 block of Marshall Street regarding the parking situation.
-Bill Foxwell, Bill Hughes and Brian Jackson assisted Warehouse Manager Les Scotten with unboxing 80 new chairs for Public Works and putting on new racks.
-Porcelain Berry application has been completed for the season. William “Bill” Pike sprayed 57.5 acres citywide this season. 
-Brian Jackson and Billy Foxwell Brad Dean, Rob Palladino, Jeremiah Curry and Dale Breeding attended Chainsaw Safety Course at the Rehoboth Beach Fire Station.
-A leaf collection public notice went out in both Milford Chronicle and Milford Beacon as well as on the City website, social media and CodeRED. Collection is to begin the week of November 1 in Wards 1 & 2 then the following week on Monday in Wards 3 & 4. The schedule will run every other week through the month of November and weekly though December and January. 
-We received notification from DNREC that our Universal Recycling Grant –Cycle 8 application was partially funded for the educational stickers for our recycling/yard waste containers and the purchase for educational/outreach literature. 
-Solid Waste Driver Adam Hurd drove a demonstrator automated side-arm “one man truck” for two days in all four wards collecting trash. He said it definitely would take some getting used to but felt pretty good about. A second truck demonstration of a semi-automated is planned as well. Timmy Webb and Adam took a trip to Middletown for a demonstration of their automated trash truck in operation.   
-Fall clean-up week was a huge success with the help of the Streets crews.  Solid Waste crews said it seemed like there was a lot more bulk out than in past years on a clean-up week. With 2015 cleanup week tonnage (DSWA) at 74.72 tons, 2016 came in at 80.41 tons.
-Renovations to the new City parking lot behind the old M&T Bank have begun.  Concrete and asphalt improvements are underway, along with lighting upgrades and replacement of the fence (cost shared with the neighbor).

16 11 Solid Waste Div Chart