December 12, 2016

Parks & Recreation 
-As grass cutting season came to end in November, seasonal crews shifted their attention to various maintenance projects around the City, including all things such as pressure washing timber flower beds, reinstalling post and rail fences, and general preparation for the winterization of mowers and equipment.
-Two seasonal park technicians were released in November for the season, with the remaining five workers staying on until December 16 to assist with special projects and holiday decorations.
-Ralph Skinner Jr. & Brad Dennehy attended a two workshop hosted by the Delaware Forest Service at Delaware State University. The nature of this course was all things tree related: planting, pruning, disease control and identification and safety when operating chainsaws and wood chippers.
-Leaves were raked out of all the parking lots, downtown parks and alongside the cemetery wall and were then sucked up with the leaf vacuum. 
-Crews spent approximately a week installing holiday lights in the trees downtown, wrapping all the light poles with garland and fixing the red bows. They also installed green and red light bulbs for the can lights along the Mispillion River.
-Staff assisted with the installation of some of the new “Happy Holidays” hanging banners.
-On the Sunday after Thanksgiving crews assisted DMI with installing all the greenery in the hanging baskets. 
-Crews prepped for the annual Holiday Stroll by removing trash, blowing off the sidewalks, raking leaves in the park and general housekeeping along Walnut St, around the library and in the parking lots.  We also organized the new port-a-johns for the Stroll and the month of December while the Santa House is open.
-Dog park irrigation system was winterized and winter fertilizer was installed. 
-Work began on Goat Island in preparation for the building of three new overlooks and the educational pavilion. A number of trees which were on the walking trail or near the sites of construction were cut down and stumps were ground. By the end of November all three overlooks have been built, with the pavilion to be installed during the month of December. Woodchips will be applied to the walking trail sometime in the spring.
-The City and DMI held a preliminary discussion to determine how best to beautify the downtown park where the Farmers Market is held. Due to high traffic in the park, shading issues and lack of irrigation, it is hard for grass to grow, therefore we are beginning to explore options.
-On-going registration for winter basketball has been heavy in the month of November with tryouts to begin in December.
-Youth Wrestling is continuing with over 30 participants.
-Ongoing discussions continue with the Delaware Turf Sports Complex and a potential partnership in youth programming.


Enforcement & Inspections Division
Code Enforcement Case Activity       
New Cases: 7
Closed Cases: 89
Open at Start of Month: 175
Open at End of Month: 93
            55 of the Open Cases are Weed/Grass violations which stay open until the end of the growing season.

Code Enforcement Violation Activity           
Abandoned Vehicle: 0
Dangerous Tree: 0
Furniture: 0
Generic: 0
Property Maintenance: 4
Rubbish & Garbage: 3
Weeds & Grass: 0
Zoning Use: 0
Total: 7

Rental Inspections Performed: 1
Rental Licenses Issued: 2
Vendor Licenses Issued: 0
Contractors Licenses Issued: 16

Building Permits Issued
Commercial Foundation: 0
Commercial Building Permit: 9
Demolition: 4
Residential New Construction: 5
Residential Renovation/Accessory Structure: 15
Roof/Siding: 5
Solar Panels: 5
Utility (Electric/Water): 1
Total: 42

Planning & Zoning Division
-Performed interviews for the new Code Official position.
-Planning Commission held a workshop to review and update the Background, Community Character, Community Profile and Public Services chapters to the Comprehensive Plan.  In addition, the Commission completed discussions related to updates to the plan’s vision and goal statements for each chapter.  Workshops will continue to be held prior to each Planning Commission meeting for the next several months.  December’s meeting will focus on Economic Development, Housing and Transportation.  Land Use, Environmental, Parks and Open Space and Intergovernmental Coordination will be reviewed in January and February.
-The Board of Adjustment approved four variances including; Menge, Rockaway Likeness, Milford School District and Wisseman.
-Staff met as part of a working group revising/updating the Dover/Kent MPO Regional Bicycle Plan.  The working group will continue to meet monthly over the next year to review the existing plan and set new goals and objectives.
-Received the final report for the Mispillion River Water Quality Improvement Project from the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary as part of a Water Quality Improvement grant received last year from DNREC.  Staff has requested a 6 month extension from DNREC in order to complete the engineering design.
-Met with DelDOT in regards to a Transportation Investment District (TID) for the Southeast Neighborhood.  This was an action item from the 2011 SE Master Plan document.  Discussions will continue to establish the TID.

Economic Activities Division
-Staff reviewed and provided Letters of Conformance to Downtown Development District large-project applicants.  Downtown Properties of Milford, LLC has requested a letter of conformance for the Pikus Building for a full historic restoration of the structure.  Davis, Bowen & Friedel has requested a letter of conformance for the former skating center for the renovation of the building in order to create office space.  Touch of Italy has requested a letter of conformance for small-project status and has received their lite-reservation from the Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA) for the grant program. 

Electric Division
Power Outages: 0
Poles replaced due to either age, rot or damage 1
Closed Work Orders: 7
Trouble Service Calls: 35
New Electric Services Installed: 3
Preventative Maintenance/Trees Trimmed: 3
Miss Utility Locates: 121

-Mark Whitfield worked with the University of Delaware through their Sustainability Program to complete an energy assessment of all city buildings.
-Removed lights in the parking lot behind Touch of Italy (former M&T Bank) and pulled a new feed for the lights.
-Crew shut down DEL2 for Delmarva Power for them to do maintenance on their equipment.
-Took down all of the existing banners and replaced the larger banners with 50 holiday banners.  Parks and Recreation assisted with replacing the smaller banners with 18 holiday banners.
-Changed out all existing holiday lighting bulbs to LED bulbs and put them up throughout the City.

Water & Wastewater Division
-Mark Whitfield attended the dedication of upgrades to the Kent County Regional Sewer Plant.
-Flag locaters have been installed on all fire hydrants in preparation for winter snow.
-Fisher Ave pump station was cleaned in preparation for reconstruction.
-Two rounds of water samples were collected and send for testing, per State regulations.

Streets & Solid Waste Division
Bulk Pick Ups:  9 
Additional Containers: Trash-0; Recycle-0; Yard Waste-0
Service Terminated: 0
Change Container Size: 1
Damaged/Replaced Container: 38
After Hours Calls: 0
-Division received an award and recognition of a recycling grant from Governor Markell.
-Leaf collection began the first week of November. Due to minor mechanical issues the vacuum was down for several days. Crews have been working in each ward throughout the month clearing leaves.  Beginning in December and January the leaf collection schedule will be weekly.
-Work began in the Touch of Italy parking lot on N Walnut Street.  Crews have removed concrete islands, saw cut areas for preparation of paving, and removed an old fence at the back of the parking lot.

16 12 Diversion Chart