February 13, 2017

-The new phone system was implemented and has been working well.  All phone lines are now VOIP and are much clearer.  Staff can transfer callers to anyone in the City without having to ask the caller to hang up and dial another phone number.

Parks & Recreation 
-Ralph Skinner Jr. “RJ” assumed the role as the Parks Superintendent and was recognized by Council.
-Parks & Rec office hours were adjusted to 8:00 am until 4:30 pm and lunches are being staggered to cover the office.
-Holiday decorations were removed in the downtown area however a decision was made to leave up the small lights on the trees downtown over the winter months.
-A January nor’easter saw high water levels on the Mispillion River which resulted in a lot of debris being washed/blown into the parks which was cleaned up.
-Staff worked on creating a new Parks & Rec logo and spring brochure. The logo is to be presented to the Parks & Rec committee and City Council on February 13.
-Staff met separately with Milford School District and DE Turf to explore potential additional programming.
-A pre-bid meeting was held with potential contractors for the new kayak dock on the Mispillion River. The project was put out to bid, with bids being received and opened on January 31. Bid to be awarded by City Council in February.


Customer Service Division
-No report provided.

Information Technology Division
-No report provided.

Enforcement & Inspections Division
Code Enforcement Case Activity       
New Cases: 38
Closed Cases: 8
Open at Start of Month: 67
Open at End of Month: 97
Code Enforcement Violation Activity           
Abandoned Vehicle: 6
Dangerous Tree: 1
Furniture: 0
Generic: 10
Property Maintenance: 12
Rubbish & Garbage: 7
Weeds & Grass: 0
Zoning Use: 0
Total: 36

Rental Inspections Performed: 2
Rental Licenses Issued: 825
Vendor Licenses Issued: 2
Contractors Licenses Issued: 122

Building Permits Issued
Commercial Foundation: 0
Commercial Building Permit: 10
Demolition: 5
Residential New Construction: 13
Residential Renovation/Accessory Structure: 5
Roof/Siding: 3
Solar Panels: 6
Utility (Electric/Water): 3
Total: 45

-The Building Inspector resigned effective January 31.  The City will be utilizing the services of First State Inspection Agency, Inc. for building plan review and inspection services.

Planning & Zoning Division
-Planning Commission recommended approval of three conditional use applications within the City’s DDD that would rehabilitate existing structures and promote mixed use commercial/residential opportunities.  
-Planning Commission continued its work to craft updates to the Comprehensive Plan.  The January workshop reviewed chapters on Natural Resources and Parks, Recreation and Open Space.  The Commission also reviewed the findings from the climate change workshops and the proposed language to be inserted into the Plan.  

Economic Activities Division

-On January 10, the Governor held an event at the under construction Touch of Italy location downtown to announce the DDD large project awards.  The City had two large project applicants during this funding round, Dan Bond with Lou’s Bootery and Dennis Silicato for the former skating center building, both were awarded grant funds from the State.  

Electric Division
Power Outages:  01/23-Shawnee Acres; two trees downed.
Poles replaced due to either age, rot or damage: 1
Closed Work Orders: 10
Trouble Service Calls: 19
New Electric Services Installed: 5
Preventative Maintenance/Trees Trimmed: Asplundh has been trimming around the City.
Miss Utility Locates: 94

-New pole installed at Royal Farms for electric car charging station.
-Touch of Italy’s leased parking lot saw five new poles installed with LED lights.

Water & Wastewater Division
-New water line installed for Touch of Italy.
-AT&T antenna dislodged atop the NE Tenth Street water tower which has been reattached.
-Meeting held with DB&F regarding the SE Regional Sewer Pump Station which will serve Bayhealth and others.
-A sewer truck broke down, which has since been repaired, however Town of Camden lent us their truck to use.
-Silicato sewer pump station was cleaned out twice due to garments clogging the pump.

Streets & Solid Waste Division
Bulk Pick Ups: 12 
Additional Containers: Trash-2; Recycle-3; Yard Waste-0
Service Terminated: 5
Change Container Size: 8
Damaged/Replaced Container: 7
After Hours Calls: 

-The automated trash truck has been ordered and anticipate an April delivery.
-Crews were prepared for the January snowstorm and focused on roads around the hospital, police department and emergency routes first.  Water crew plowed developments; Electric crew handled snow removal in parking lots, sidewalks; Parks & Rec crew assisted.  Crews spent several days after the snow cleaning salt from the equipment.
            Crew Labor:  January 7 was 7 employees; January 8 was 12 employees
            Public Works Overtime: 157.50 hours total; 75.50 hours Streets division only
            Salt Used:  60 tons

2017 02 Diversion Chart