April 10, 2017

Parks & Recreation 
-Park staff assisted with the DMI Pub Crawl by clearing up loose limbs in the park, replacing flood lights with green bulbs, turning the low voltage LED lights green, cleaning up parking lots along the route, and putting out extra trash cans along the crawl route.
-Staff oversaw a community clean up with volunteers from the Lighthouse Christian center Church on Saturday, 03/18 that involved 50 volunteers and park staff collecting approximately a 150lbs of trash and debris from alongside the river and out of right of ways.
-A new park technician was hired 03/01 thereby being fully staffed.
-Seasonal park workers came back mid-March and a coordinated cleanup of both cemeteries was undertaken. 
-The bathroom at the Tony Silicato Park was re-opened after being shut down for the winter and after minor repairs is now operational.
-A new yard hydrant was installed at the Dog Park and water fountains are due to be operational by the beginning of April.
-Park staff began on weeding flower beds and landscape areas in preparation for applying mulch. 
-A yard drain in front of the Jesus Love Temple became packed with dirt and debris. With the assistance of the Water Division, park staff cleaned this out and it is now operational. (see photos)
-Indoor soccer concluded on 03/05 and was well attended with 16 teams ranging from 6-13 year olds.
-Spring program registration began on 03/11 and we have had good sign ups for our spring programs. Programs include soccer league and clinics, tennis, and a spring break trip. 
-One of the new programs we began in the spring is a 6 week Yoga program. This is a new addition to and reached capacity numbers.
-Some additional survey work was undertaken on Goat Island for the Education pavilion and work will resume in the near future to complete the final grading and installation of benches.
-Work continues on a new park rental brochure which highlights all of our parks with color photos and new GIS addresses to make it easier for people to locate.
-Many flower beds around town have tulips blooming and look great.  (see photos)


Customer Service Division
-No report.

Information Technology Division

-No report.

Code Enforcement & Licensing Division
Case Activity
New Cases: 27
Closed Cases: 11
Open at Start of Month: 90
Open at End of Month: 107

Violation Activity       
Abandoned Vehicle: 0
Dangerous Tree: 0
Furniture: 1
Generic: 2
Property Maintenance: 7
Rubbish & Garbage: 3
Weeds & Grass: 14
Zoning Use: 0
Total: 27

Rental Inspections Performed: 0

Rental Licenses Issued: 15
Vendor Licenses Issued: 1
Contractors Licenses Issued: 41

Building Inspections & Permitting Division

Building Permits Issued
Commercial Foundation: 0
Commercial Building Permit: 3
Demolition: 2
Residential New Construction: 18
Residential Renovation/Accessory Structure: 13
Roof/Siding: 7
Solar Panels: 4
Utility (Electric/Water): 3
Total: 50
-Staff received H.T.E. software training for the building permit, code enforcement and licensing modules and will implement new best management practices and new Quality Assurance/Quality Control measures to improve department data.

Planning & Zoning Division
-Planning Commission approved the Preliminary Site Plan submission for the demolition and reconstruction of the existing McDonalds located on N. DuPont Boulevard.
-Planning Commission continued its work to update the Comprehensive Plan.  The March workshop wrapped up discussions on future land use, implementation and intergovernmental coordination.  A draft plan will be presented to the Commission at April meeting seeking authorization to release the plan for public comment.  If released, public meetings will be held on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm and 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm at the Milford Public Library.
-Met with representatives from the Public Service Commission and Chesapeake Utilities to explore ways to provide natural gas service to downtown Milford and other municipalities.
-Met with the Sussex County’s Comprehensive Plan team regarding land use and development goals in and around Milford.  The meeting was part of mandatory intergovernmental coordination effort for both the City and County.  Additional meetings will be scheduled once draft plans are developed.
-Participated in the Kent County Regional Bike Plan working group, developing plan goals and objectives and evaluating proposed projects.

Economic Development Division

-The Mayor, City Manager and Rob Pierce met with a group of local realtors, bankers and interested parties at the Milford Public Library regarding the City’s Downtown Development District Program.  The meeting emphasized program highlights, including $3,000,000 in private investment committed within the district and $500,000 of state grant reservations since September 2016.  The City also unveiled an online interactive Downtown Development District mapping tool that allows the public to view the program boundary, zoning districts, assessment information and monitor the status for various projects.
-The Milford Housing Development Corporation was awarded $500,000 in Strong Neighborhood grant funds from the Delaware State Housing Authority for new construction and residential rehabilitation work within the City’s Downtown Development District.     
-Met with representatives from Nationwide Healthcare to discuss the adaptive reuse of the Bayhealth Clarke Avenue facility.
-Proposals for the Washington Street Property – Land Development RFP were due at the beginning of the month and the City received one written proposal.  The proposal has been reviewed and will be presented to the Economic Development Committee at an upcoming meeting.

-Met with DBF and DELDOT regarding truck traffic on N Walnut Street.
-Met with DELDOT and Mayor regarding the state’s plans for paving in the city.
-Attended APWA Facility and Grounds spring meeting in Baltimore.
-Finalized make up and charge of Safety Committee.

Electric Division
Power Outages:  None.
Poles replaced due to either age, rot or damage: 2
Closed Work Orders: 9
Trouble Service Calls: 27
New Electric Services Installed: 9
Preventative Maintenance/Trees Trimmed: 5
Miss Utility Locates: 121
-Replaced five lights on SE Front Street due to poor lighting and age/deterioration.
-Attended Annual Oil Spill Training put on by Val DiRocili of Compliance Environmental.

Water & Wastewater Division
-Flushed waterlines in Southeast section of city.   Southeast tower is back on line and chlorine problems have been resolved.  Flushing was very successful and have had no calls for discolored water from that section of town since the flushing was completed.
-Flushed water mains in Walnut Village. 
-Replaced sewer line on Charles Street.

Streets & Solid Waste Division
Bulk Pick Ups: 21
Additional Containers: Trash-3; Recycle-2; Yard Waste-0
Service Terminated: 0
Change Container Size: 7
Damaged/Replaced Container: 7
After Hours Calls:  0
-Removed blacktop from Touch of Italy parking lot for fuel tank removal.
-Hand delivered flyers to all businesses and residents along Airport Road regarding public information meeting.
-Crews removed snow plows and salt boxes off trucks. All salt has been moved back to the salt building.
-The new automated trash truck was delivered on 03/22. It should be ready to be put in service within the next two weeks.
-Staff has been creating holiday solid waste schedule for second half of year and new solid waste routes to be implemented mid-June. 
17 04 Diversion Chart