May 8, 2017

Parks & Recreation 
-The annual spring clean up alongside the riverbanks and right of ways, which included assistance from Perdue, resulted in over 250 lbs. of debris and trash being picked up and removed.
-The annual community egg hunt was held at Bicentennial Park attended by over 250 kids aged 3-8, who came to see the Easter Bunny, hunt for eggs and get some free prizes. This year we added an area for some spring related games to entertain the kids while they were waiting for the big event.
-Irrigation system at the Dog Park was flushed, turned on for the season, and minor repairs were made to sprinkler heads.
-Water fountains at both the Dog Park and Tony Silicato Memorial park were repaired, made operational and are up and running for the season.
-Crews installed over 75 cubic yards of playground specific mulch at our playgrounds. This is a different type of mulch and is to help prevent children from getting injured if they fall off a swing, etc. 
-Over 40 people attended the Spring Break trip to the Washington Zoo.
-Mary Betts represented the Department at the April Milford Rotary Club meeting and received a donation of $500 which will be used to replace old gymnastic equipment.
-Youth soccer practice continues and games have begun with over 200 kids and 24 teams aged 6-13. Nine games are played on Saturday and three on Sunday.
-Yoga continues through the month of April and has being a new addition to our programming.
-Superintendent Ralph Skinner, Jr. was appointed to the newly created Safety Committee and coordinated a tour/inspection of the parks in preparation of the Bug and Bud Festival.
-A lot of time and effort was involved in preparation of the Bug and Bud Festival. This included installing lady bug banners, mowing all of the park lands in the downtown, cleaning parking lots, weed eating, building a temporary dock for the paddle boats, getting the paddle boats on the river, coordinating tent and port-a-john locations, building a stage for performers, setting up tables and chairs, assisting with vendor layout, street closures, and coordinating food vendors the night before. The day of the event the entire department started at 5:00 am and was involved in helping set up, running kids games, and trash pick-up.  Staff remained after the event to ensure everything was cleaned up. It was estimated that over 8,500-9,000 visitors attended the festival.

Customer Service Division
-No report provided.

Information Technology Division
-No report provided.

Code Enforcement & Licensing Division
Case Activity  
New Cases: 137
Closed Cases: 1
Open at Start of Month: 97
Open at End of Month: 243

Violation Activity       
Abandoned Vehicle: 0
Dangerous Tree: 0
Furniture: 0
Generic: 1
Property Maintenance: 4
Rubbish & Garbage: 4
Weeds & Grass: 126
Zoning Use: 1
Total: 137

Rental Inspections Performed: 0

Rental Licenses Issued: 30
Vendor Licenses Issued: 3
Contractors Licenses Issued: 22

Building Inspections & Permitting Division

Building Permits Issued
Commercial Foundation: 1
Commercial Building Permit: 7
Demolition: 0
Residential New Construction: 4
Residential Renovation/Accessory Structure: 13
Roof/Siding: 9
Solar Panels: 3
Utility (Electric/Water): 2
Total: 39

Planning & Zoning Division
-Planning Commission completed edits on the 2017 Comprehensive Plan and authorized the release of the draft for public comment.  The draft plan can be found on the City’s website and copies are available for review at City Hall.  

Economic Development Division

-The Economic Development Committee met to discuss the results of the Washington Street Land Development RFP.  As a result, staff was directed to continue discussions with the developer and work with the State on relocating protected lands.

Electric Division
Power Outages:  0
Poles replaced due to either age, rot or damage: 3
Closed Work Orders: 9
Trouble Service Calls: 23
New Electric Services Installed: 2
Preventative Maintenance/Trees Trimmed: 2
Miss Utility Locates: 197
-Work continues at the Rt 1 substation.
-Replaced old service with new at Milford Plaza.
-Replaced overhead service with underground service at Silver Hill apartments.

Water & Wastewater Division
-Began removing flags from fire hydrants.
-Began trimming around existing meter pits in preparation of change out.
-Routine trouble shooting of water leaks and sewer calls.

Streets & Solid Waste Division
Bulk Pick Ups:  16
Additional Containers: Trash-1; Recycle-1; Yard Waste-0
Service Terminated: 0
Change Container Size: 0
Damaged/Replaced Container: 8
After Hours Calls: 0
-Painted faded yellow curbing on North and South Walnut Streets, S Washington St, and SE Front St.  
-Hauled 1.08 tons of tires to landfill.
-Received 250 new trash and recycle containers with new City logo.
-Crew saved 12 ducklings from stormdrain near Burger King on Rt 113.
-The new automated trash truck is in service.
-Changes to routes and pick up days has been communicated to residents via the city website, social media and local newspapers.  In addition, residents will be notified via their May utility bill.  
-Spring Cleanup week was another successful year as our tonnage increased by 26.5% in bulk items. The City saved $1400 in disposal fees which equates to 16.47 tons of bulk.
-Special thanks to Representative Harvey Kenton for the Community Cleanup donation. 
2017 Spring Cleanup tonnage:  94.05 tons; 2016 Spring Cleanup tonnage:  74.32 tons
17 05 Diversion Chart