Delinquent Taxpayers

Milford is a community worth investing in.  Our dedicated staff provides public safety and other services that maintain and improve the quality of life for our residents and businesses. The City of Milford is committed to fairly and appropriately pursuing collection of the taxes, fees, fines and penalties owed to the City in order that everyone is paying their fair share for City services.  In May 2016, delinquent taxpayers were offered an opportunity to have penalties and/or interest waived if account(s) were brought current byJune 30, 2016 (or a delinquent taxpayer could enter into a payment program to bring accounts current by June 30, 2017).  

Unfortunately, many taxpayers did not take advantage of either option to bring their accounts current.  Accordingly, the City has begun an aggressive campaign to collect back taxes.  This includes proper notification by regular and certified mail, posting to the City website (see below) and ultimately referring the account to the City Solicitor to obtain a judgment and request a monition (sheriff) sale of the assessed property.  

The following accounts are past due and have been notified that these details would be posted online if they did not respond in 30 days. 

Top Ten Delinquent Taxpayers
Amount Due Parcel Number Owner Last Name Owner First Name Owner Address City State Zip Property Address
$26,514.41 PAID!              
$24,060.52 Sale Scheduled 12/19/17 Cohen Frank 117B N Walnut St Milford DE 19963 106 Franklin St
$26,215.27 Sale Scheduled 01/30/18 Tonwe Tutse 415 Carnoustie Rd Dover DE 19904 Airport Rd
$22,376.99 Sale Pending EG Webb   1049 N Walnut St Milford DE 19963 1049 N Walnut St
$21,818.49 Sold Young's Funeral Home   PO Box 326 Milford DE 19963 309 North St
$14,351.50 PAID!              
$16,630.69 Payment Agreement Thayer Harry 1260 S Farmview Dr Dover DE 19904 504 Truitt Ave
$13,056.87 Sale Scheduled 01/30/18 Tonwe Tutse 415 Carnoustie Rd Dover DE 19904 Airport Rd
$12,703.96 3-30-11.05-059.00 Parson Robert 402 Tub Mill Pond Rd Milford DE 19963 303 Lovers Ln
$10,371.64 Payment Agreement Sherman Ethel No Valid Address Milford DE 19963 912 SE Second St