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Posted on: August 31, 2017

Emergency Prep Reminder

As the storm season progresses, we are all taking increased notice of the risk of major storms and the impact such a storm could have on Delaware.  

The City of Milford stands ready and prepared to respond to storms thanks to our collaboration with the Sussex County Emergency Operations Center, the Kent County Division of Emergency Management, the Delaware Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) and the Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation (DEMEC). Throughout this season, we have received regular weather alerts and reports monitoring storms in the Atlantic.   In addition, City departments work well together and with the Carlisle Fire Company when emergencies occur. And, we prepare together as we did through joint FEMA-sponsored training in 2016.  

We have conducted maintenance and improvements to maximize our electric utility’s reliability. Preventative steps like prudent tree trimming help the City avoid outages due to downed limbs on electric lines. Conductor, pole, and line upgrades help further maintain reliable and efficient service to customers. The City also participates in testing systems and substations along with regular inspections of the grid and related equipment to ensure the system is ready to weather the storm.  The Public Works Department regularly checks and monitors our storm water system and the sanitary sewer system to ensure these systems are ready for stormy weather.  

It is important that residents also do their part to be prepared for an emergency or outage:

If you are not registered with our emergency notification system, Code RED, please do so now:   http://cityofmilford.com/292/CodeRED  (If you are registered, it is a good idea to log in to make sure your telephone numbers are current.)  The City of Milford and State of Delaware use Code RED to notify residents of emergencies.  

Here are other links for that have helpful information to prepare for an emergency:




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