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Bulk Item Collection

Bulk items are considered to be anything other than regular household trash, such as furniture, appliances, large items or excessive amounts of trash. Fees for bulk trash services apply and will be added to your utility bill.

The standard bulk pickup fee is $5.00 per item collected.  For example, if 1 sofa, 1 table and 1 washer is collected, you will be charged a $15 collection fee, which will be added to your utility bill. 

For smaller scale bulk items, such as piles of trash, excess bags or boxes of items, a sliding scale will be used to determine the collection fee, which will then be added to your utility bill.

    1-5 pieces collected - $10 collection fee
    5-10 pieces collected - $20 collection fee

Bulk items are collected on Wednesdays and must be scheduled in advance. To schedule a collection, please contact the Customer Service Department at (302) 422-6616, option 2. Calls received after close of business on Tuesday will be scheduled for the following Wednesday.

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If you have questions regarding collection, please contact our Customer Service Department at (302) 422-6616, option 2.

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