Internal Affairs

Providing Department Oversight

It is the policy of the Milford Police Department that all complaints of misconduct be investigated. We have a system to receive complaints both from the public and associates. The internal affairs function is supervised by the administrative lieutenant.

Filing a Complaint

The Milford Police Department encourages persons who may have a complaint against an officer's conduct to fill out a Citizen Complaint Form. Assistance with filing out these forms can be obtained by contacting the on-duty shift commander.

The Vetting Process

Once complete, the form will be notarized (required) and forwarded to the administrative lieutenant. It is then reviewed by the administrative lieutenant who will determine the rule, regulation, policy, procedure,or other issue allegedly violated.The complaint is then forwarded to the chief of police who will determine if there is probable cause for an investigation, and if probable cause is found, he assigns the case to an investigator.

Once the complaint is investigated, the investigator will make a recommendation for the complaint's classification as either unfounded, exonerated, not sustained, sustained, or policy failure. The complaint is then forwarded to the chief of police who reviews the case. If he agrees with the findings, the officer is either disciplined or cleared.

Once this is completed, the officer and the complainant (citizen making the complaint) will be given written notification of the findings classification.

Contact Us

For questions concerning the Internal Affairs Division or about how to make a complaint against an officer, please contact the Police Department at 302-422-8081.