Communications Center Organization
The Communications Division is supervised by the administrative lieutenant and consists of 11 civilian communications specialists. These positions are currently held by 6 full-time dispatchers and 5 part-time dispatchers who relieve the full-time employees when needed. There is 1 communication specialist permanently assigned to each patrol shift and 2 communications specialists assigned to work as floaters.
Communications Center
The communications center also has an assigned full-time terminal agency coordinator (TAC). The TAC is a civilian who makes computer entries, updates records, and handles the audits that are conducted by both the State of Delaware and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The Milford Police Department prides itself on the accuracy of its entries during these audits.

How the Center Works
Dispatchers monitor many different frequencies, including those of city fire services, ambulances, city maintenance departments, and police officers. The dispatchers are responsible for receiving complaints from the public either via telephone or walk-in complaints, interpreting the information, and dispatching officers to the scene. The Communications Center is staffed by nationally certified emergency dispatch trainers.