Criminal Investigations

Division Organization & Responsibilities
The Milford Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division consists of 3 officers. One of these officers is a sergeant and supervises the Criminal Division.

Criminal Investigations handles several hundred cases each year ranging from burglaries and serious felony-level assaults, to forgeries and frauds. The division investigates homicides and sexual assault cases, monitors the activities of local pawn shops, and handles Megan's Law notifications.

The Criminal Division's schedule consists of 8-hour work days, which allows for at least one of the division's detectives to be available between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Specialized Unit Resources
The sergeant of the criminal division is a computerized voice stress analyzer (CVSA) operator. This tool is helpful with criminal cases and background investigations. CVSAs are used for truth verification of suspect, witness, and victim statements. The CVSA and its operator assist many other police departments in Kent and Sussex counties as well by conducting truth verification examinations.