Community Policing

Division Organization
The Community Policing Division was established in 1992 using monies from a federal grant program. Officers assigned to the division target high crime areas of the city and use various techniques to help communities decrease crime in their area. The division consists of the:
The Community Policing Division works with all divisions of the department as well as various city departments to ensure professional, quality law enforcement services. Other functions which are conducted by the Community Policing Division include:
  • Assisting local organizations, such as the Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, Head Start, Milford Boys and Girls Club, and local day care organizations
  • Educational booths and various events during the year
  • Holiday season toy and food drive
  • Shoplifting and worthless check training for businesses
About the Community Resource Officers
Community resource officers work within the Community Policing Division and are tasked with providing targeted services to area communities. The officers meet with tenants and managers of housing complexes, and provide foot and bike patrol within these targeted areas.This officers also act as a point of contact for Neighborhood Watch organizations and help start Neighborhood Watch teams in local communities.