Neighborhood Watch

Making Communities Safer
The Neighborhood Watch Program is one of the oldest and most effective crime prevention programs in the country, bringing citizens together with law enforcement to deter crime and make communities safer.

About the Program
Neighborhood Watch can trace its roots back to the days of colonial settlements when night watchmen patrolled the streets. The modern version of Neighborhood Watch was developed in response to requests from sheriffs and police chiefs who were looking for a crime prevention program that would involve citizens and address an increasing number of burglaries.

Launched in 1972, Neighborhood Watch counts on citizens to organize themselves and work with law enforcement to keep a trained eye and ear on their communities, while demonstrating their presence at all times of day and night. The program works because it reduces opportunities for crime to occur; it does not rely on altering or changing the criminal's behavior or motivation

Get Involved
For more information on the Neighborhood Watch Program, contact the Community Policing Unit at 302-422-8081, ext. 137.