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Park Permit

If you would like to hold an event in one of beautiful community parks, please complete a Park, Pavilion, Equipment Reservation Application.  If your event is of a larger scale, please see the City Clerk's page for the Special Event Application

Park Rules

- Dogs or other pets are not permitted in the parks during rentals or special events.
- No alcohol is permitted in the parks.
- Parks, pavilions and playgrounds are accessible.
- Park visitors are required to remove all trash they bring into the parks.  Carry in/carry out policy.

Dog Park Rules

- Park is open sunrise to sunset only.
- All dogs must be licensed and wear current license and vaccine tags.
- Dog owners/handlers assume all risks for injury or loss of any kind to themselves and their dogs.
- Dog owners/handlers are legally responsible for any damage caused by the dog.
- Dogs must be on a leash and under control at all times outside the fenced area. 
- Owners/handlers must carry a leash at all times and closely supervise their dogs. At no time may the owner/handler exit the fenced area without his/her dog(s). 
- Only people with dogs are permitted in the fenced area. 
- Each owner/handler must be above the age of 13 and shall not supervise more than two dogs while in the park. 
- Excessive barking is prohibited; dogs barking excessively must be removed. 
- Dogs exhibiting aggressive behavior are to be removed immediately. 
- Any waste left by the dog must be picked up immediately and properly disposed of in the containers provided.
- Owners/handlers may use old grocery sacks/bags. 
- Owners/custodians must fill any holes created by their dogs and report any observations of gaps or weaknesses in the boundary fencing to the Parks and Recreation Department. 
- No human or dog food, including treats, are allowed in the park for any reason. 
- Prohibited from entering the park are dogs with sickness, female dogs in heat, puppies under four months of age and all other domestic animals. 
- Smoking is strictly prohibited in the park.

Park Fees

Parks and Recreation fees are established by Resolution 2016-12

Dee'Jion Fullman Swim Scholarship

In honor of Dee'Jion Fullman, a 14 year old Milford resident who tragically drowned in the Mispillion River on August 16, 2010, the Parks & Rec Department awards a swim lesson scholarship each year to a deserving youth. Complete the application and return it to the Parks & Rec Department.


We have many great opportunities for families or individuals to volunteer for our many programs, festivals and special events. Contact us to find out more!