City Clerk

Public Records

The City Clerk’s Office has received numerous requests since July for public records relating to Hearthstone Manor permits, inspections, plans, etc.  In an effort to reduce the time and expense resident’s may encounter seeking these records, we have posted the records we thus far gathered here.

If additional records not found below are needed, we are more than willing to provide a quote prior to gathering the records.  As always, if you have any questions, or we can be of any assistance to you, please contact us via email, phone, or stop by City Hall.

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The City Clerk is appointed by, and reports to, the City Council and provides a number of services including:
  • Certifying and distributing ordinances, resolutions, and codes
  • Conducting municipal elections
  • Ensuring completion of directed actions
  • Keeping a repository of contracts, agreements, and other legislative actions
  • Keeping records
  • Posting legal notices
  • Providing notification of council, committee, subcommittee, ad hoc, and other applicable meetings
  • Providing voter registration information
  • Receiving claims and lawsuits
  • As the FOIA Coordinator, responding to requests for public record information (FOIA Policy)
  • Supplying an agenda packet of supporting documentation for each public body meeting
  • Supplying public information

Additional Responsibilities

The City Clerk's office is pleased to assist residents with planning a special event, applying for a Board or Commission, and many other services.  Links to several services can be found to the left.  In addition, the City Clerk acts as the custodian of the city seal, affixing it to all documents, records, contracts, and agreements. The clerk attests to the same by signature and is responsible for the maintenance and compliance of the Milford City Code