Building Inspections & Permitting


The Building Inspections & Permitting Division is responsible for the administration and enforcement of Chapter 88 - Building Construction, International Building Codes (ICC) and other State and local building codes.  The Division issues permits and inspects residential, commercial and industrial new construction and renovations.  The Division coordinates with the Public Works Department on the issuance of water, sewer and electric utility permits.

Building Permit Application Forms

Residential Building Permit
Commercial Building Permit
Utility Permit

Supplemental Permit Information

Residential - New Home or Addition
Residential - Interior or Exterior Renovation
Residential - Deck or Stairs
Residential - Detached Garage, Shed, Gazebo or other Accessory Building
Residential - Swimming Pool, Hot Tub or Spa
Residential - Ramp

Commercial Construction
Commercial - Sign
Commercial - Ramp

Solar Panel


Building Permit Fees

Residential Permitting Fees

Commercial Permitting Fees