Property Assessment

Tax Rate

The current tax rate in Milford is $0.46 per $100 of assessed value.  To determine what your taxes will be use the following formula:  Assessed Value * .0046 = Taxes

 Assessments are performed quarterly, in January, April, July and October, and corrected bills are mailed out accordingly. After each quarterly assessment property owners will be notified of any assessment changes to their property by receiving a Notice of Assessment Change.

The deadline to file a Petition to Appeal your assessment is 30 days from the issuance of a Notice of Assessment Change.The Petition to Appeal can be found here. Informal appeal reviews take place quarterly and formal appeals annually. Annual tax bills are mailed in July and due in September.

The Petition of Appeal for an appeal date of 4/16/19 can be found here.

The Petition of Appeal for an appeal date of 4/23/19 (Milford Ponds)  can be found here. 

Why Did I Receive A Notice Of Change In Assessment?

Typically a change in assessment occurs when a change on the property takes place, i.e. an addition is built, a house is demolished, property is annexed or the acreage is corrected.

If you have questions about your tax bill, please contact Customer Service at 302.422.6616.

If you have questions about your assessment, please contact Carol Scott at 302.422.6616 ext 1204.