City Operations During COVID-19

COVID 19 Operations Plan 2020 03 24


In an effort to protect our employees, customers, and prevent the transmission of Coronavirus (Covid-19) it is necessary to make some changes to the way we operate.

At this time, we are operating and will continue with normal schedules as long as disposal facilities remain open and our suppliers (fuel, tires, etc.) are able to continue with deliveries.

• It is our understanding the virus is transmitted in most cases through person to person contact. We are working diligently to limit personal contact and observe social distancing.

• Please do not approach our route drivers. We are instructing them to stay in the trucks as much as possible and to limit personal contact.

• We ask that you place all Bulk collection items out by noon on the Friday prior to your scheduled Monday collection to help prevent surface transmission. If items have not been out the required amount of time, collection will be rescheduled.

• City of Milford currently operates the majority of residential trash and recycling routes with fully automated trucks. These trucks have kept our drivers safely away from the dangers commonly encountered by workers on the back of the “old style” trucks. These automated trucks will also help prevent surface transmission of the virus if the following steps are followed:

1. Containers are to be placed curbside the night prior to the scheduled collection day and within three (3) feet of the paved road surface or shoulder.

2. Please ensure the lid opens toward the street, with wheels toward the house.

3. Garbage and recycling carts should be three (3) feet apart and at least three (3) feet from other objects such as cars, mailboxes, landscaping, utility poles, fence, etc.

4. All trash needs to bagged and tied. The lids need to be closed. We are asking you to make every effort to push the trash down into the can. Make it fit.

• If your container is not emptied, please make sure it is not overfilled, piled on the ground, or on top of the container, contaminated, or blocked by a vehicle. If you believe you container was missed in error or have corrected one of these issues, please contact Customer Service at 302.422.6616 to report a missed collection. Any missed collection calls received after 12:00 noon will be handled the next day, with the exception of Fridays. On Fridays we will do our best to empty the container that day.