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Employee Recognition Nomination Form

  1. At the City of Milford, we like to recognize employees through our Employee Recognition Program. Take a moment to suggest a City of Milford employee who you feel is worthy of additional recognition. Both City employees and customers are welcome to submit nominations.
  2. Recipients will be selected by the Excellence Program Committee.
    The Program objectives include recognizing and promoting positive behaviors that support individuals, groups, divisions and departments in achieving the City's mission, vision and values.
  3. First and Last name of the employee you wish to nominate.
  4. Criteria for selection are as follows:
  5. Customer Service - Dedicated to fulfilling job responsibilities; Demonstrates good customer service skills
  6. Professional Development - Ongoing continuing education; Completion of a degree, certification or license
  7. Performance Excellence - High overall quality of performance; Accurately completes work assignments on time; Controls high stress situations tactfully and calmly; Takes initiative; Requires little supervision; Willingness to learn and take on new responsibilities; Ability to train others and gladly willing to do so
  8. Teamwork - Displays a helpful, cooperative and positive attitude toward superiors and co-workers; Consistently friendly and available to others; Uses effective listening skills; Has a team player attitude; Voluntarily assists co-workers; Voluntarily assists co-workers in order to complete important department projects
  9. Productivity and Efficiency - Demonstrates exceptional initiative to improve the productivity and efficiency of the work unit by offering ideas to reduce cost of operations and increase efficiency, while continuing to provide quality services to our customers. Exhibits respect and care for the tools, vehicles, equipment and other resources entrusted to him/her, treating those resources as if they were her/his own.
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